Welcome to ALCATEL Onetouch warranty repair Portal

This portal will allow you to send your ALCATEL Onetouch wireless device or accessory to Alcatel’s Authorized Repair Center for in and out of warranty service.

This section is dedicated to provide a quick reference to questions you may have about your mobile device.

Please look over the Frequently Asked Questions below if you are having trouble with your return.

Q1 What happens if my handset is determined to be Out of Warranty (Manufacturer's warranty) or condition (physical or liquid damage) upon receipt and triage by the Alcatel Repair Center?

If a handset is determined to be Out of Warranty by the Alcatel Repair Center due to warranty terms, it will be communicated via email and out of warranty option will be provided.

Q2 Where Do I Find the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) and Date Code on My Phone?

On the Rear of the Phone, there is a label with this information. Reference the image for the specific location.

Q3 Where Do I Ship my Return?

All Returns need to be shipped to the following Address

Alcatel Authorized Repair Center
C/o FineTechWin, Inc.
1299 Commerce Dr.
Suite A
Richardson, TX 75081

Q4 Typically, how long should it take to get my handset repaired and returned to me?

Average quoted repair time is 5-7 days, however, this time period can be shorter/longer depending on variables such as parts availability and shipping time

Q5 Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the repair update of my handset once received by the service center?

Please contact ALCATEL onetouch Support Center at: 855-368-0829 or visit the following url: http://www.alcatelonetouch.us/

Q6 Do I need to include my accessories and SIMM card with the handset?

Please DO NOT include accessories or MicroSD or SIM cards with your return. The handset is the only device that should be returned to the Alcatel repair center.

Q7 How will I know if/when my handset was received by the service center?

You will receive a confirmation email (at the email address provided in the rma portal) once your handset is received at the Alcatel repair center. Also, you can check your return status using the "View Return Status" link on the Alcatel Rma Portal site.

Q8 Will a tracking number be provided to indicate my handset is being shipped back once the repair has been completed?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail (at the email address you provided in the rma portal) once your handset ships from the Alcatel Repair Center with a tracking number included.